PHP5.4 problems

The Earplane site went wild for some days last week, I was told by a mate at work who was using the site in a class situation. I checked it out, and it turns out that didn’t survive my ISP’s server upgrade to php5.4. They downgraded my server space to php5.3, and the problems went away. But I was told that they’ll want to get rid of php5.3 by the end of the year. So I’ll have to fix things. There’s no way I can modernize the tests, they’re locked within a Shockwave file, and Lingo is a dead language that I don’t want to relearn. But I’ve got fewer guitar students than I normally do this year, so I’ve got some spare time, and I hope I’ll have the time to give the site a complete facelift. Or even better, a complete body transplantation!

My main plan is to rewrite the tests in Javascript, and to get rid of old technology. So far I’m considering going from Shockwave to HTML5 and Javascript with help from the Jazz plugin. This will let Linux users access the tests, but there’s still no luck on Android and iOS. Let’s hope for giant steps in the development of the Web MIDI API in the years to come, but to me it seems like every R&D dollar is going into making dinosaur screams sound scary.

I hope I’ll have a beta site out soon, but don’t hold your breath. Stay tuned!

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Earport and French tests returns

I finally found the time to mess around the French Xoops site long enough to actually find the language files, so the tests in French are back. No luck with Italian, To my knowledge I’ll have to register with the Italian Xoops site to gain access to the files. Really stupid. Really really REALLY stupid.

A colleague of mine demanded that I should reinstall the Earport, so I did. We had some initial problems, but I hope they’re gone. Please use the contact form if you’re having problems or if you’d like access.

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Earplane still improving

I managed to download the Spanish,German and Dutch Xoops distros yesterday. Not the language files, but the complete downloads. Then I had to extract the language files into a new archive and upload that to the server. I still haven’t managed to find the links to the French and Italian files, those languages are a complete mess of random letters, I think :-)

Too bad I have to spend time on this, I’ve made a lot of progress on a new version of ImproBuddy that I hope to have ready for release in a week or two.

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Xoops is not a very tourist friendly place

Ok, I run a multilingual site. The portal engine is called Xoops, the eXpandable Object Oriented Portal System. It’s very good. The official download contains all strings in English, and if you want a site in other languages you can go to your local support site to download a translated version.

When the Earplane site went down it was because the the database had been corrupt for quite some time, but this didn’t show until my server admin installed a new version of php. So I had to rebuild things on a fresh installation of Xoops. Luckily my old files seems to work ok, but I need updated language files for the different languages. I started by fetching the Norwegian ones,  no problem, I thought, now I only need to go pick up the Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish and French ones.

But when I go to these local support sites I have absolutely no idea how to find the all-important zip-files that’s the main reason for these sites’ existence. Local support sites are great for local users, yes, but I’m a tourist. I want to spend a couple of seconds clicking a link in the upper right corner that says “Updated German Language Files”. I don’t want to look for the word hilfe. What’s help in Spanish? I spent hours last night, wasting time.

The Xoops portal system is very good, but it’s not very tourist friendly.

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