Xoops is not a very tourist friendly place

Ok, I run a multilingual site. The portal engine is called Xoops, the eXpandable Object Oriented Portal System. It’s very good. The official download contains all strings in English, and if you want a site in other languages you can go to your local support site to download a translated version.

When the Earplane site went down it was because the the database had been corrupt for quite some time, but this didn’t show until my server admin installed a new version of php. So I had to rebuild things on a fresh installation of Xoops. Luckily my old files seems to work ok, but I need updated language files for the different languages. I started by fetching the Norwegian ones,  no problem, I thought, now I only need to go pick up the Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish and French ones.

But when I go to these local support sites I have absolutely no idea how to find the all-important zip-files that’s the main reason for these sites’ existence. Local support sites are great for local users, yes, but I’m a tourist. I want to spend a couple of seconds clicking a link in the upper right corner that says “Updated German Language Files”. I don’t want to look for the word hilfe. What’s help in Spanish? I spent hours last night, wasting time.

The Xoops portal system is very good, but it’s not very tourist friendly.

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