PHP5.4 problems

The Earplane site went wild for some days last week, I was told by a mate at work who was using the site in a class situation. I checked it out, and it turns out that didn’t survive my ISP’s server upgrade to php5.4. They downgraded my server space to php5.3, and the problems went away. But I was told that they’ll want to get rid of php5.3 by the end of the year. So I’ll have to fix things. There’s no way I can modernize the tests, they’re locked within a Shockwave file, and Lingo is a dead language that I don’t want to relearn. But I’ve got fewer guitar students than I normally do this year, so I’ve got some spare time, and I hope I’ll have the time to give the site a complete facelift. Or even better, a complete body transplantation!

My main plan is to rewrite the tests in Javascript, and to get rid of old technology. So far I’m considering going from Shockwave to HTML5 and Javascript with help from the Jazz plugin. This will let Linux users access the tests, but there’s still no luck on Android and iOS. Let’s hope for giant steps in the development of the Web MIDI API in the years to come, but to me it seems like every R&D dollar is going into making dinosaur screams sound scary.

I hope I’ll have a beta site out soon, but don’t hold your breath. Stay tuned!

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