ImproBuddy isĀ  a simple Android metronome that’ll let you add a bass note and/or a chord. You’ve got:

  • Tap tempo: set the tempo either using the tap tempo button or the tempo seekbar.
  • Subdivision: None, straight, swing or dotted eights.
  • Sounds: choose any GM sound for the clicks and instruments.
  • Mixer: set the volume of the elements in the mixer window.
  • Bass and chord option: The free Lite version will let you add a bass note and a chord using any GM sound, while the full version gives you access to the progression editor, where you can set up any backing chord progression (up to 8 bars).
  • The full version is of course without restrictions, while the Lite version is ads-driven, so it requires you to have network access.

ImproBuddy (Full version)

ImproBuddy Lite (Free version)

NOTE: I hope my software is self explaining, so I haven’t written any manuals on how things work. Please let me know if you think I should.

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