Earplane being repaired

The Earplane site is still not up where it should be, but I’ve finally found the energy to try to repair it. You may have problems logging into your old account, but it’ll still be shown in the Earlympics stats.

Everybody’ encouraged to create new accounts instead of waiting for me to figure out how to fix the old one, because that’ll probably not happen. There’s just way too many other fun things to do, and the important thing is that Earplane is working for new students.

Have fun! The looks of the site still sucks, but that’s up next.

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Earplane site is temporarily down


I’ve neglected maintenance of the Earplane site for years now, and as a result the site went down some time ago. There are several errors in the database, but I hope the vital user info is recoverable. I’ll have to rebuild the site from scratch.

I haven’t yet decided if I’ll continue using Xoops as the portal engine, or if I’ll try porting the modules to WordPress.

And I don’t know when I’ll get the time to do this. At the moment I’m busy starting a new school year at work, and I’m also preparing Spanish versions of my Android apps. So in what order I’ll do things will depend on the number of complaints from my ear training class teaching colleagues.

Sorry I’m lazy.

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Earplane app goes Norwegian

The Earplane app was updated today, the tests are now available in Norwegian. There’s also a small bugfix in the hiscore system, I think things should work ok now.

Stay tuned!

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Improbuddy updated!

Both Improbuddies were updated today, with the option to drop the bass note one or two octaves. This means you probably won’t even hear the bass if you only use ImproBuddy with your phone speakers, but the app wasn’t intended for that in the first place.

I’d been using ImproBuddy as a metronome when teaching lately, and I found out that the tone that I called the bass really was a tenor. How come nobody told me? I have to start using the thing in a real setting, not just debugging it with the phone speakers.

I think ImproBuddy is a much more usable app now, I think you’ll agree.

In the full version there’s also a bugfix, the 7sus4 chord works now.

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Big News! Search for Earplane gives a visible hit!

Today I noticed that a search for Earplane in the Android Market placed the Earplane app on second place. Now you may wonder, why should you care? When did relevant results from a search in a search engine become big news? And of course you’re absolutely right. If you want to keep up with what’s going on in general I recommend¬† using other news sources.

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